Saturday, July 08, 2006

I dream, therefore I will be.

Is that Descartes spinning in his grave ? Well, my world is different is all I have to say to him.

A world that is filled with hope, fear, happiness and suffering in equal measure.
Mr Descartes, your world was swarming with existentialists, and a need to mathematically and philosophically define the reason for us and our existence. Therefore you did and I thank you for it.
This world of mine, needs something more, something more than just thought, to be the raison de 'etre. This world of mine, needs a healthy dose of imagination and dare I say it.. DREAMS!

History, ironically, is a testimony to the fact that dreams have been one of the greatest contributors to Man's progress, through this quagmire called existence. Be it the one that triggered Brittania's world naval domination through a old man's idyllic relaxing dream in a bathtub, or the one that triggered space travel and a gazillion other things under an apple tree, or the one in which there were 6 snakes with their head tied to each other's tails that is responsible for a whole generation of organic chemistry; dreams have been at the forefront of inventions and discoveries about us, the world around us and definitely the world beyond us.
History mostly teaches what not to do, but one thing it has taught us to do is to dream.

So lets dream. Dream that it will be a better place for us to live. Dream that we will all have better lives, without fear and destruction. Dream hard, because, dreams do come true.

I dream, therefore I will be ...fine.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to tell you about a dream that I had last night. I was trying hard to dream of a better life for all of humanity and this is what my better life looks like.
I dreamt that I was a mad dog with black striped fur, tongue hanging out, wearing big huge gucci sunglasses and sitting on an orange amoeba chair in a white room.
Go figure.
Being the eternal optimist, I am sure there are some out there who dreamt that they were an orange amoeba chair.
My fellow denizens of this weird world, to dream or not to dream, thus, is the question.