Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The apartment decor is coming along quite nicely and my friends its gonna be soon enhanced with the introduction of a 37" Plasma TV in the living room!
*waits for applause* Thank you! Thank you!
I am starting to understand that making the apartment comfortable makes you want to come home. Something inherent about it. Somewhere where you can be yourself and I find that the material things in the house currently are adding to it.
Now, Please dont get on your spiritual high horses and talk to me about materialism, its pitfalls and etc.

You know you need to spend it if you are getting money back from the IRS! Thats it! Period!
What you gonna do ? Put it in savings and pay tax on the interest ?? Pffffft. Thats a lot of baloney!
But there are those that do not know what to do with money. They do not understand that they are earning part of the money for themselves, to make their (material) lives better too. After all quality of life involves what you like in your living room too.
I was a part of this brigade, didnt feel the need to buy things for myself. Everything was always too expensive and the only thought before buying stuff was, if I can live without it.

If you can buy it, you can live without it; but living with it ? Aaaaaaaah.
Thats the sound of me sinking into my plush couch and stretching my legs on the coffee table and switching on my Plasma.
Take that, my old self-righteous ass!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


.. Or Ubiquitous.
Now, I would rather use "Omnipresent" to describe the IRS. Boy, has it got long tentacles. You can erase your files and hide from civilization for all its worth. But, if you have received any money from anywhere in any form, you are known. Actually, I just think that you need to be born to come under the tax bracket.
A gentler discussion along similar lines, with a friend, about Brahman, NirGuna and SarGuna and how advaita and Vishistadvaita differ in this aspect led me to conclude this:

If you are an advaitin, you get along pretty well with the IRS, else, you better believe in "God".


Its tax time everybody! Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!