Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yogi at work.

You can get the lowdown on Yoga by googling it.
Anyways, I digress.
I am the designated Yogi in my company. Well, there is one another guy, but he is a nut, and nuts dont classify as Yogis, coz, you never know when they are really standing on their heads. Right ?
I have been going to Yoga every week ( almost ) for the past 2 years and getting a lot of stick and pretzels about it at work.
The guys at work conjure up asana names ..
A few samples...
Suckitup Asana -- Thats when the boss, who knows that you have shitloads of work to do, dumps another boatload of shitwork on you plate.
Shavasana -- The most activity that we can do after a fairly large meal of Chicken Biryani!
BadAssana -- That asan you do when you are trying to bitch slap somebody into doing your work for you.
FukitolAsana -- The ultimate goal of every Yogi.

And my favorite:
KissmyownAssana -- Well , get it ?