Friday, December 30, 2005

Lactaid-Milky Way -- anyone ?

It is at precisely this instance that I realize, I am an alien from a galaxy far far away.
No seriously!
Isnt this Galaxy called the Milky way ?
Gawd! and given my lactose intolerance, it is very clear that this is a galaxy, that I am just visiting.
Chennai so far seems to be the center of this weird galaxy. Atleast I was in the land of lactaid milk and honey a couple of days back.
Everybody and their aunt ( I mean literally ) is thrusting something with milk into my fragile stomach. Pleaaasse , save me!
I have the guide to the galaxy, and I promise not to hitch hike again.
With udder humility, I beg to be forgiven for my past sin against aunts and other cows.