Thursday, December 01, 2005


If the world around me is like the clothes I wear, then my dear, you are my skin.
So why do you now want me to be a snake ?

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Travelling by bus .. bus driver falls asleep.. 2 people die. There were people who made the choice to put their lives in somebody else's hands, and they didnt even think twice about it.
Driving by yourself is no better. You put your life in the hands of the other drivers on the freeway, some sleepy and some drunk.
And then there are people who make choices, but still need an army of doctors to help them through.
Bah! This whole world is interconnected, and I know somewhere out there are people who want me and need me. Thanks.

The red rose stands tall,
bloodied by the pricking thorns.
Fear and anxiety,
covered with pretty smiles,
delectable laughter.
Blooming pains ?

The proof is in the petals.

Funny. Weird. She would understand.
As I do. Perfectly.

This weekend, the perfect example of so near, yet so far. In time and in space.
Fuck the continuum. The mobius strip is just a thong.

You dont like me and what I do ? Do I ?
Does the flower like the thorns and the bloom ? Do you ?
Someday the dust will settle. I cant see very clearly now.
We will see.

Nude newsreaders , make the news better ?