Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Actions ? Words ?

At 4 AM this morning, I was thinking about the statement "Actions speak louder than words" and how relevant or irrelevant it is.
I have been brought up to believe that understatements and letting the actions speak and keeping the words to a minimum are virtues and marketing and selling oneself and one's abilities are downright crass. The idea was that, if you have an ability, it will shine through irrespective of the circumstances. This in turn pigeon-holed a lot of people and put a mental-block on the ability to express oneself in the ways that they desired.
Of course, there were accepted norms for self-expression in the form of writing, music and dance and that was largely restricted to the Indian classical forms. There are a few that shine through in that, love that and hence express themselves.
What about people who do not feel that these are not the right ways to express oneself ?
How much of this actions-speak-louder-than-words is relevant in today's age, in relationships, between partners ? Life has become, hectic and fast paced and people all around are contented to take words and actions at face value.
There is less and less time in this society for an average person to stop and smell the roses.
Dont you break out into a smile when somebody compliments you ? Dont you, women, feel a glow and a blush and a smile come on, when a stranger or a loved one tells you how gorgeous you look today ? Dont you, men, feel proud and happy ( a little bit excited, even) when that woman in the elevator compliments you on your choice of the tie on the way to work ?
What makes us accept compliments silently ?
Yes, actions are necessary and thats what cements a relationship. Words, play an equally important part in polishing the surface, giving it that sheen and glow that brings out the smiles and the satisfaction and contentment.
Actions & words , I say!