Friday, November 04, 2005


skydiving ..corkscrew..
without a parachute.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Power of Knowledge

Of all the momentous happenings in India over the past half a century, I think the passage of the Freedom to Information Act, by the current government is really significant. This is going to go a long long way in the way we perceive the functions of the government and the way the citizens of India are going to elect their representatives.
I have been a skeptic of this government and believed that the PM was a puppet only. I am so glad to be proved wrong.
This first step towards accountability by the government should go a long way in routing out corruption from our society. No, I am not expecting miracles overnite, but the reports that I see of the first few people using this law to access information is encouraging.
In my opinion, India is sitting at the threshold of a revolution, where people will be actually happy to pay for the services rendered and where people are not going to accept and tolerate that trains,buses and planes can run late. It is such a belief that will rid us of the "Indian Crab" mentality.
I would like to encourage national newspapers to actually devote a section, for reporting news, that have been a direct result of the Freedom to Information Act. They could even have a set of investigative reporters, that can probe and question the government agencies on their wheelings and dealings. What this does, is to increase awareness of the actual method of functioning of the goverment, the reason for its policy decisions and an ever increasing public awareness.
An informed public is an empowered public. An informed public is an involved public.
Everybody has a hand in the direction that the country is being steered.
I pray that the citizens of India, the media and the Non-Govermental agencies will rise to this challenge.
Dr. Manmohan Singh has done it again. His first achievement was the economic revolution and now its the "Accountability" revolution. Kudos to him and his team.
It is now upto the citizens of India to make the next move.
There is light now. We need to see it!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

You and I -- Act II

No act.