Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No tea party this one. Cold and rainy was the trip.
But I am feeling refreshed, and thats all that matters.
A weekend away from the humdrum of existential existence.
The travel was fun, on the way back.
We hit the outer reaches of "Wilma", the plane rocking like a bullock cart. The oldish couple sitting next to me, with a couple of Tequila shots in them, roaring and going "Wheeeee". I joined in the fun and together we rocked the plane some more, much to the chagrin of co-passengers who were chewing their food once again.
I guess they liked my company a lot more, since we met up again in Washington and they bought me a drink. Party animals on their way to vacation in sunny California, living it up.
Hell yeah! I wanna be like that at 50.