Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chicken or Egg ?

A lot of people have attacked this problem from a philosophical and a biological level. I think the story is very simple.
So here goes...
A dodo was walking along in the desert, when he saw an ostrich in all its glory chest out and ass high in the air. Dodo being the dodo, raped the ostrich bitch and fertilized its eggs.
Think about it, its got the characteristics of both of them.
It is clearly as dumb as a dodo. Come on, dont tell me that you guys havent heard enough dumb "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes.
The ostrich being a little bit more complicated but as dumb as the dodo, the connection to it has not yet been clearly established. But hey, I had ostrich meat the last time and it tasted just like chicken!! I am convinced.

So the chicken did come from the egg, but it was an ostrich's egg, fertilized by a dodo.

Ever tried asking the ostrich about the story ? Yeah, try that and the response will be a lot of silence, followed by burying of the head in the sand in shame and violent shaking of the rest of the body.
As for the Dodo, it couldnt take it anymore, it ran away to the Galapagos Islands where it lived in isolation until it became extinct.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Verily dancing along,
like the setting sun on a lake;
she passes me by,
my heart fluttering in her wake.

I perch myself on the grass by the lake, my fingers roaming through the smooth pebbles, smiling to myself, my thoughts far away. I hear her twinkling laughter receding into the distance like the sound of falling pearls.
The timbre of the voice and the irrepressible joy conveyed by a look askance, her lips quivering in an unquenchable thirst for life.
She stood there in ankle deep cool water flinging a pebble across the surface, her gorgeous body eclipsing the setting sun in all its curvaceous splendor. The tips of her torquoise blue, ruffled, long cotton skirt flitted with the water, as it undulated in happy abandon. Her straight hair gently carressed her naked shoulders and fell across her face and over her lips as she turned and sensed my eyes piercing her back. She smiled and mouthed a silent "Hi", her lips fighting with her hair. I smiled back and suddenly realised that the pebbles I had leaned my elbows on were bruising me and fell back, my head hitting against the green grass with a slight thud.
She laughed, the gentle twinkling laughter flowing like symphonic waves across the water and the concussed feeling in my head, I realised was not because of the fall from all of half a foot.
My eyes stayed firmly focussed on this apparition, as she turned and walked towards me, the water splashing from her smooth feet firing up a million suns with her each step. Her hands swinging gracefully by her hips, a feeling of unbridled joy and the coy smile and giggle as - she passed me by.
I closed my eyes to capture this sight and feeling for all eternity. I opened my eyes a forever of a second later and followed her receding form as she broke into a run and flung herself onto her man.
Her laughter echoed mine.
A momentary lapse of reason on a warm summer evening lulled and snapped by the same laughter. I smiled to myself as I straightened up, looking at the curve of the sun as it started to hide behind the hills, and trudged along towards another dawn.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Eagles have landed.

Eagles, they landed with a thud.
The show- it was a dud.

The Music was absolutely gorgeous. The crowd was frickin not even into it. I thought it was just our stands, but a cursory look around and there were a few here and there that got up from their seats and were getting into the music.
I am sure they were on Acid.
We got ourselves a designated driver, got comfortably numb before the show, at my place , with a few vodkas.
It was showtime!! or so I thought when I went in there. Even Mr.Clapton, the guy whose music I would rather listen to in my car, was better.
A concert is one where the bands put on a show. Great music and a great show make a great concert.
I tried to enliven the proceedings and get the crowd into it by pouring some beer down the back of the chick in front of us, but to no avail.
This was disappointing to say the least and my friggin hangover and a hundred bucks were, I am not sorry to say, not worth it.

But I am looking forward to go to the Aussie Pink Floyd concert sometime soon.
Thats the sign of hopeless concert addicts. Sigh.

Monday, October 10, 2005


A quiet weekend, accelerated to its conclusion by a friend's kind lesson and the epiphany that is carried in its truth.
Thus, another week dawns.