Friday, October 07, 2005

Kirkit ?

Lotsa hullabulla over the whole Ganguly-Greg chappel episode eh ? As sign that Ganguly had jacked off a bit too much we have the symptomatic tennis elbow thats suddenly cropped up from nowhere.

I think its part of the Ganguly-Chappel-Dalmiya deal that was worked out.
Lets just say Ganguly has a tennis elbow for these games, and you Greg go ahead and work on the rest of the team. Sounds like a plan ? All settled then. Sourav, how many times can you jack off everyday ?? yeah! Double that and get some mild tennis elbow. Yup! Good enuff.

Sourav is ecstatic that he could jack off, Greg is ecstatic that Sourav could jack off and Dalmiya and the people of India are ecstatic that Ganguly is not playing cricket!!

Happiness all around.
Now thats called Kirkit!

On a related note, China is getting into cricket in a big way!
Guess, which team will be the first to lose to China ?? My dear India. And the blame will result in the then captain getting a tennis elbow, by which time it will be called cricket elbow.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fad lunch..

So there is this new Indian restaurant opened up nearby called "Flavors".
I passed it one day on the way and wanted to try it out and got a few people to go with me to the restaurant. One day last week, they decided to add a buffet and announced that they are having a "buy one get one free" lunch deal.
Shameless people that we are, it is our true intent to capitalize on this and we are going to the same restaurant over and over.
The height of exploitation happened today when almost all our company was there at one point, save two people who had brought their own lunch.
Not that it was a planned event, everybody came in and we all looked at each other sheepishly.
We promptly put in a request for them to open a buffet at our work place.
The fad's on till the 19th of this month, by which time, I hope to be about 10 lbs heavier. Gah!