Friday, September 23, 2005

Post-prandial madness.

A set of converstaions on the drive back from lunch today.

One hot chick in a sports cars with the following bumper sticker:
"Sometimes I am a lady, sometimes I am a bad,bad girl"

Me: Will she shoot me if I walk upto her at the next signal and ask "How about now ?"
K: Depends on whether she is a lady or a bad bad girl.
Me: If she shoots , that would make her a lady.

There was a guy wearing a sweater and big smile standing at the corner as we passed him by in my car.

K: Its not that cold outside, its bright and sunny.
Me: Its not that funny either.
K: Maybe he has muscular spasms.
Me: That explains the sweater ?

a while later ..
Me: I am full of questions today.
K: Yeah, I wanna go home and sleep.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The question.

Minds raced in whirlwinds, as a portmanteau-esque union of galactic beings surged down the cosmic pipe of sustenance.
Life as he knew it had returned.
A deep sound from within, unsuppressable and eloquent, surged back up the cosmic pipe in answer.
Hunger aint the answer to the world's problems, its the question.

Note: A story in 53 words.


Everybody wants and needs something from everybody else.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Metaphors .. anyone ?

I love talking in metaphors. They seem to tickle my mind. I cant wait to get my brains picked, because I think behind every metaphor I dispense, there are quite a few more reasons than the ones that I would care to admit or pay attention to.
I like the feedback that the metaphors give me. I like that point in time when I am sitting smugly and somebody delivers a whammy, something that I had not thought of. Or thought that I had not thought of.
Does it mean that I compare everything ? Does it mean that I have this annoying habit of making a comment when I taste a bit of crocodile meat and say .. "Hey, it tastes like Chicken!" ? No.
Metaphors are incomplete in essence. They need to be in a closed loop for the .. hmm.. chicken to cross the road. I dont use the phrase "It's like" in my metaphors. Its like saying .. whatever. That makes me seem more simple-minded than I really am. A peasant actually, as a tight-assed englishman would say. Thats almost disrespect.
Speaking in metaphors, I believe assumes that the person you are trying to converse with is actually intelligent. That is a good start in my opinion. Its better to start there than at the bottom and working the way up.
So.. what am I trying to say again ? Anyone ?