Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life's Irony

Life's irony is when you get what you did not want the most.
Blooming flowers .. can adorn the Lord or be strewn on the ground to be crushed under bohemian feet.
Did the flower ask to bloom ? Irresponsible plant!
And then there are plants whose flowers bloom once in a decade.
Do they spend an entire decade waiting for it ?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend update from Jack

Seeing how there is so much interest in my life, I have started this special segment called weekend updates , a la Saturday Night Live.
Now, if the expectations are two gorgeous chicks trying to get the better of each other and ending up in catfight.. well .. welcome to my fantasy ( and a billion others')!

The weekend started rather early on Friday. Vamoosed from work by around 5:15 and headed to the city for a bash. A nicely blended Margarita warmed me and loosened me up, after a short trudge in the chill of the summer evening in the city. The only observation with respect to the carpark ws that it was right opposite to a police station and perhaps that would prevent me from drinking too much, coz I had to drive back home.
A small laundry packed with people like sardines, mingling, interacting and drinking. Rather noisy but overall a bit slow. Had an interesting conversation with a Aussie woman on the Ashes series. I could see that she was getting a bit worried about the Mighty Aussie team getting pushed into a corner.
A little while later, a few of us decided to hit a lounge and escaped. The lounge was rocking. And my favorite bar-tender was there doling it out. A couple of drinks and some random shake-that-thangs later, we decided to head to the North Beach area and stuff the face with some Pizza and I should say that hit the spot.
Trudged back to the car and had a peaceful ride back home listening to Kishorekumar on the CD player and crashed into the bed at around 3:30 AM. A rather enjoyable evening it turned out to be in the end.
I woke up around noon on Saturday and decided to clean up the apartment and do some cooking in the evening. Made Rasam and Beetroot curry and had it with rice. Mmmm Mmmm tasty! ( if I may say so myself!)
Sunday was pretty lazy too, until my friend called me up and decided to drag me out for some fresh air and jogging at the nearby Rancho San Antonio park. Jogged for almost 4 miles! We took 50 mins but there were a couple of stretches where we got into the zone and boy it was terrific. I think both of us had runner's high.
Went home, took a shower and headed out and bought a couple of CDs and on the way back, got some food. Customary calls to the parents and sister later, a sound sleep ushered in the Monday morning.

Make out of it, what you will!!!
My weekend was good!
Till the next Weekend update, this is Jack!