Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend woozzle ..

Friday was spent in the city of San Francisco, the nightlife, rocking and pub hopping.. woohoo! Dancing away into the wee hours of the morning with two chicks at the same time! What a blast!
Saturday was recovery day and followed by an awesome Sunday.
I woke up and saw that a little amount of referral bonus had gone into the bank account and the check book was out in a flash! 2 Ralph Lauren jeans, 3 Perry Ellis shirts and a nice comfy Skechers tan/black suede mocassin was the damage! Yeah! talk about wardrobe overhaul.
My fashion consultant(?) and I then went to an expensive French/Vietnamese restaurant and had some delicious vegetarian food with a bottle of Barolo ( Nebbiolo Grape based 2001 red ) and followed it up with a Davidoff Cigar to end the evening!
The highlight however was the "Coeur de Lion Pomme Prisioniere". This is an apple based brandy and I am told that the bottle is placed on the Bloom and the Apple grows within the bottle, imprisoned! The brandy is prepared by pouring in alcohol and fermenting it when the apple is ripe and the bottle is pulled plucking the apple with it.

A great way to spend a Sunday. Isnt it ? ;-)