Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On the turning away ..

Into the distance ..
a ribbon of black
stretched to the point
of no turning back

Darkness stretches across my eyebrows, like dark clouds on the event horizon. Time warping like sand through an hourglass, stretching, squeezing unaware that it needs to do it again .. and again.

you run and you run
to catch up with the sun
but its sinking....
Racing around
to come up behind you

Pink Floyd, flows through my nerve endings, setting off synapses and discoloring my eventful life. Sonoluminescence, drowning all noises in the brain, yet making itself painfully aware , as sleep washes over me in pre-fabricated waves of consciousness, shedding light and bringing forth, feelings buried deep in the thick murky marshes of the past.

Flight of fancy
over windswept fields
standing alone
my senses reel

The unliving image of my shadow on the wall, so skillfull drawn by unbending light and an unyielding body, senseless and almost forgotten, clinging onto me without a choice. A plain result of my pact with luminescence, a mute spectator, my reminder of existence, my faithful, dogmatic, stupid, Shadow!

Ices forming on the
tips of my veins..
unheeded warnings
I thought, I thought
of everything!

I lie awake, in a senseless, mind numbing chill on this hot summer day, awaiting deliverance and sandman.

Sole Intention,
is learning to fly!
Condition grounded.
Determined to try.

Cant keep my eyes
from the circling skies,
Tongue tied and twisted
Just an earthbound Misfit...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

What happened ?

What happened to all the things that I loved to do just a few months back ?
Badminton, Hiking , Swimming , Blogging , Reading.
I am so in a decadent stupor that its not even funny!
I need to wake up and smell the roses look at the bright sun and trudge along .
The warrior needs an awakening. It is time!