Friday, July 15, 2005

Enuff is Enuff ???

You know you have been drinking a tad bit much, when the waitress at the bar starts asking you for rent!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Its not about what you can live with, its all about what you cannot live without!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Mazatlan!!! - I

"All you touch
All you see..
Thats all your life
Will ever be!"
- Pink Floyd ( Breathe )

Mazatlan Mexico.. Laid back, tourist town famous for its "Pacifico" brand of beer, the coconut and Mango groves and of course the beaches and the gentle waves, tropical weather and the lovely, lovely senoras and senoritas.
A week of R&R with a dollops and oodles of all of the above is sure to leave one recharged as it has invariably done.
The airport at the arrival was a small , quaint one. The weather - very tropical which reminds me that the Tropic of Cancer passes right through this town.
I am not in the bent of mind to create a travelogue outta this one, so I am gonna give you a gist of my experiences.
One is struck by the amount of T&A on the streets. The weather is perfect and the women of the country have an attitude to it. Yeah! more power to them. The plethora of Bikinis that greeted me near my hotel was eye-popping. Of course, I rolled in my tongue put on a pair of coolers and maintained an air of nonchalance. Gah!
Arriving at around 4PM at Mazatlan, I took a shower and roamed the streets of "Zona Dorada" . the golden zone which refers to the touristy/resorty area of the town.
Innumerous resorts line the beach and they are ever expanding.
The rambling led me to the ocean front and the azure waters and fine sand that greeted me was tantalising.

The travel advisory recommends wearing a swimming trunk underneath the clothes that you wear, but the weather was such that I could roam about in the beach shorts, getting in an outta the water at random.
Intoxicating as the rush of jumping into the warm ocean waters was, the happy hour margaritas made deliciously lime and lemony and king-sized filled me with happiness from within that the salt waters of the ocean couldnt.
The mexican food was awesome and I staggered back to my hotel room with a smile on my face. This promised to be decadent. Wooooohooooo!