Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When it rains.. it pours

Or when your upstairs neighbor's sprinkler system breaks, it pours. I dont really know how much of this excitement in life I can take.
At around 8 PM yesterday, my friend calls me up and says "Get ur ass home real fast, coz ur apartment is flooded".
So I dropped everything that I was doing at work and rushed back home to see a couple of firetrucks in front of the apartment. The firemen had broken in through the window and there were a few of them in the apartment, spreading tarpaulins over all my stuff ( thank you FD ) and switching off the power to my electrical and electronic items that I was using. The water from upstairs had seeped into the walls by now.
My closet was flooded , the carpet in there was soaking and slowly inching towards my subwoofer and my music system. I aint gonna let no nothing ruin my muzak system! unh unh!
So I called my friend quickly asked him to come over and got down the system and packed it all into my boxes. yeahhh!
Luckily my bedroom was not much affected, so I took all the stuff out of the closet that were still dry and put them all on the bed, put a tarpaulin on it and went to my friend's place to sleep.

I have great friends or what! Yesssssssssssssssss! Thanks K! Than you S! and S!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Free Fall

Whispering winds,
lashing my face,
the red ball
hanging beneath my gaze.
As I let go and fall
the world far below,
and the rising moon on my left.
I snicker at the small Sierras
the tiny pool of water they call the Pacific.
The exhilarating feeling,
the surrender and the humbling,
the emotion overwhelming,
the excitement fulfilling,
I fall with a smile.

Yesssss, my dears, from 15000 feet, with 120 mph wind lashing my face, I skydived. 65 seconds and 9000 feet of freefall. The canopy opening at 6000 feet with a jerk, I glided slowly to the ground taking 6 minutes for the 6000 feet. The landing perfect as my leg is stretched out in front of me, I slid on the ground to a stop.

Smell of warm excitement in the air
a smile on my face, life's fair.
Letting go, my heart's call,
terminal velocity catching my freefall.

I still havent recovered. Its been a few hours since this happened and my breath is stil hurried and short, my heart is beating really fast, my facial muscles are in pain with the plastered smile and the whole body is still shaking.
I think I ODed on Adrenaline.

I love this feeling!


This is really freaking me out!
I just got the license plates for my car today. Mind you, I had not asked for any special plates or anything.
Guess what the 3 letters in the license are....!!!!!!!!


Yeah!! I just cant believe it!