Friday, June 10, 2005

Ready or not ..

You know you have moved on, when you are ready to make the same mistakes again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Analyze this.

A plushly carpeted, sparsely furnished room with a wooden table and a single chair in the middle of it comes into view. I walk upto it slowly and see a Gold embossed, red leather covered book lying on the table nearer to the chair. I sit in the chair, dont even read the cover and open the book.
A passport size black and white photograph of an unknown and unnamed woman on the top left corner looking askance looks back at me. I take my hands off the book and stare at the centre of the otherwise empty page.

Suddenly, a hole forms there. Like nothing was amiss, I calmly open my can of Coke, and pour the contents languidly into that hole all the while looking at the photograph. The Coke keeps disappearing into the hole. Once its all poured in, I calmly get up and turn away from the table.

Then I woke up!