Saturday, May 21, 2005

Its not you, Its me....

If it was me, I could probably change.
What do I do, if its you ?

Monday, May 16, 2005


A friend was telling me the other day, about how I am intimidating. Apparently, I come across to her as a person, who really doesnt need anybody in his life. An island of an existence so to speak.
And that is intimidating to her.
I think its more in the perception of circumstances and my responses that has provoked such a comment.
As they say there is no smoke without fire and I might just be alone among all my friends.

Teflon coated,
Life's existence.
Touched yet untouched
For a fear, that I cant fly
If my wings get wet.

I havent tried to swim,
for fear that I cannot fly.
How can I judge the fish,
with my eagle's eye ?

Marooned on a life's island,
waved at and waving back.
No magic wand in my hand,
no moon today, my lake
is still black.

Wearily, I lie on the sand
wishing for a little deliverance
the stars that smirk at me,
and this camouflaged existence.

If only I
did not have this moat
I would be king
and just not of my Castle.
If only you
could see me inside
you would know this moat
is made entirely of my tears!
If only I
did drop the board across
If only you
did try to swim across
If only we
did not live on islands..