Saturday, May 14, 2005


And then one day you find..
Ten years have gone behind you,
no one told you when to run,
You missed the starting Gun!
- Pink Floyd

Working weekends and crazy hours, makes me think ( in such moments of clarity ) as to where I wanna be and what is it I wanna be.
Am I missing something from the overall picture ?

Life is all about relationships, isnt it ?

Fancy last name for this biatch, I have been seeing for a while now.. "Sundance". I mean she is so needy, that black holes come to her for tips.
She loves, wants and needs my finger all over her. Constantly!, and I dont even have artistic fingers. They are short and chubby.
She wants hundred percent of my attention, to look into her eyes which are too bright for her, I think. Somehow doesnt even go with the figure she has.
Her favorite color is beige, and she is a classy insomniac. In fact, she goes without sleep for almost a month, until one day, she just gives up and breaksdown. But recovery is quite fast and she starts her needy attitude with a vengeance all over again.
Sigh. And I am stuck in the vortex , being pulled in with satisfying her every need. It almost gives me a high when I do it. I guess, you start deriving happiness from the small noises she makes when she is satiated. You know she is thinking hard, when she starts to hum and its not even a tune.

Somebody help me turn my goddamn computer off!! I hate the hum, I am getting CTS from the keyboard and the beige boxes looks ugly and the bright monitor is hurting my eyes!
Sundance, my ass!

Monday, May 09, 2005


You might have all the Trump cards, but you might not even be playing the correct game.