Friday, April 08, 2005


Thinking insipid thoughts on a vacuous morning is not my idea of a friday. Damn! Its Friday already. I would say this has been a productive week. I even got my teeth cleaned yesterday. I felt like a gift horse in that chair, only thing was that they wre trying to sell ME things I did not need.
A small conversation with my dentist yesterday.
I: "I have not been flossing at all the past 6 months".
Dentist: "Aha! you are confessing".
I: "Maybe you need to change these "couches" !"
He insisted that I wear braces to corect the small overlap I have on my front two teeth. He claimed to be a perfectionist and insisted that $3000 was the only thing between me and perfection. I am not into cosmetic surgery ( for myself, that is! I have nothing against silicone implants) believe me and I think the overlap teeth add character to my smile, but NO! This guy insisted that I needed to remove that and become perfect. Dentist the Menace!
He went on and on about how he has moved into this predominantly Indian neighborhood and everyone was either Indian or Chinese out there. Yeah, seriously, sometimes you walk in there and depending on the people you pass by, it feels like Shanghai or Chennai. They have a massive Gurudwara built on a hilltop there which is supposed to be spectacular.
Holi came and went in a riot of colors. I had a good time then. Looking forward to the Tamil New Year's day.
After an insipid couple of days at work, finally I had a breakthrough yesterday and I feel like I am hurtling downhill with the momentum of an elephant. Got to seize it and go with it. Not much time left.
So I am wearing this yellow bracelet that says "liveSTRONG". Its for a cancer research foundation set up by Lance Armstrong. This yellow bracelet seems ubiquitous these days, but i like wearing it. Everytime I tak a cigarette to my lips, it reminds me of cancer. It feels better than reading the labels on the pack. Fear never made anybody give up anything! I think they should switch the death threats on those cigarette packs to some TLC.

Ok time to get off my throne and walk this world now.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I think..

That the difference between video and audio is ...
the audio grows on you if you listen to it long enough, but the video is based on an instantaneous frame of mind.
So once you like a song, u can not unlike it, but once u like a movie, there is always a frame of mind when there is a distinct possibility of hating it.
Is it that we see, more than we listen ?
On the other hand, words dont hurt as much when u cant hear the tone.

Did you see the movie "The village"?
The blind girl has been so brilliantly portrayed. Her other senses, so acutely developed.
She didnt seem to miss her vision so much !
Maybe she can feel her nipple brushing against her muslin fabric a little bit more on those blustery windy mornings.
Or the touch of a rough hand on her pale face.

Maybe she can hear the ants walking.
or the wail of a cow being butchered far away.

Blessed are they that cant hear or see.
Away from life's misery.