Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Sunrise .. a yelp and a "Inguuuuuu"
Sunset .. a yelp and a "waaaaaaaaaaaah"

Dawn... is a toothless smile !
Dusk ... is a small fart :)

A whirlwind of gurgling noises and tiny screams of joy , intermingled with agonizing screams about God knows what.
Conversations in Gibberish , a new language learnt.
One good reason to Shave everyday.
Coming back home late from work and sighing at the sleeping son.. "Did you realize, we missed one full day in each other's lives?"

Growth. The eternal Tug of war between Gravity and Levity. When does it change from "How LONG is your baby ? " to "How TALL is your kid?"

Baby's work expands to fill all available people.

Ever seen this? The Mom is cool as a cucumber .. and the Grandma is all tension!
Youth vs Experience ?

The baby shits only in New diapers!

Lying next to the nephew and having a long chat. State of Bliss!