Friday, February 18, 2005


You don't have to learn everything, You just need to learn from everything!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Dear Valentines..

Scene at the local lounge.
R & L sharing a drink , a vodka martini with 2 olives in them.
R is fiddling with the stirrer, while L holds the glass.
Moving closer to each other, they clasp each other in a warm embrace their fingers entwining.
L traces the lines in the palm of R. They are made for each other. Perfectly complementing each other.
Both of them not the best of beauties. A little bit thickset, wide and short. But they love each other.
I look around lazily as R, lovingly brings up the Vodka martini upto my lips. I savor it a little bit, lost in thought and suddenly realize that L is scratching my balls.
Thats my cue. I get off the bar stool and purposefuly walk toward the door, my R leg and L leg marching in tandem.
Time to go home to my dearest valentines.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Random Musings..

Virginia... has set a $50 fine for those people in their esteemed state, that wear pants so low that it shows their underwear.
I have a couple of suggestions.
Women, Please dont wear underwears anymore. Thank you.
Men, What the fuck ? Cant y'all be a little bit more decent! You deserve it.
Freedom of expression, My ASS!

Friday.. Saw Almodovar's latest "La Mala Educac'ion" aka "Bad Education" , set in Spain. What unnerved me was the fact that some people can go to all lengths to get what they want. I came out of the theater, having a distinct need to grab a woman's ass. Phew! I think I am scarred. Of course, luck was on my side and I had some great dancing and grabbing with a hottie at the local bar. Thank God for women!

Saturday, Slept at 5:30AM, was at work by 9:30AM , got outta work at 9:30 PM, raged until 2 AM.
Sunday, was easy.
And look out Week!

Love Y'all!
P.S : Shiites have hit the fan in Iraq! Yeah! Chew on that.