Saturday, January 29, 2005

Superhero LB

Planet Earth.
White poison, hisses with venom, bubbles and froths as it finds a way to the lips of approximately half of humanity. Unsuspecting populace secure in their immortality, nary a worry of the impending disaster. They always suspected something was wrong, never could put their finger on it. Always blamed it on something else.
It was a brilliant plan of world domination. Who would suspect that the everyday drink consumed by millions was resulting in misery.
One being noticed it. One being aware and ready to take on the world.
One being, my superhero, LB, was preparing the antidote. It came so naturally and easy to him.
All he had to do now was to get into the poison, bravely and provide the deliverance that has eluded the unsuspecting mass.
He could clone himself, multiply by the millions and destroy the poison, atleast neutralize it. The problem was how to do that wihout causing large scale panic, insane reactions and death to millions.
It was a dark night. Uncessant rainfall creating a sticky humid atmosphere.
The perfect moment to strike.
LB slips silently into the poison.
Silently he works, he consumes the poison, the antidote that he has produced neutralizing it and providing him the energy to clone. Stealthily he multiplies, endlessly until the last drops of the dreaded lactose are consumed.
The faith of humanity in Milk has been restored.
My hero, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus!
Power to the yogurt! Power to LB!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Individual / Social

This History of hatred post by whirlwings has triggered this stream of thought in me.
I have this theory that the Man is essentially an individual animal except for his fears. Fear of something is what brought about this social existence. And hence the whole society is driven and needs to be driven by one fear or the other. The fear of something is the rallying point for the society.
Lets start from expression of indivdualism and then onto the need for the groups and how fear and hence hatred are a sustaining factor.

Let me start with the reason why we have this need to constantly form sects and sub groups ..
Its there at every stage of one's life .. from childhood when a group of friends get together .. coz they are like minded .. BUT different from all others, to political parties and religion.

Thats the essential paradox of human existence as a social animal with individuality. Hence the necessity of subgroups and subsects, the divisions go on and on until there is one!
The Hate part of it comes about as a rabid form of a distinguishing feature of a newly created sub-group. More often than not .. its a negation of the group from which it split.. rather than an affirmation of its existence. The exceptions are the ones that survive. Those that dont need an external force to be the cause of their existence.

Individual achievement is always given more importance over social achievements. There is a hierarchy in everything and one is always pushed a little bit harder to achieve. As we chronicle the achievements of mankind, we are always looking for that one hero, at every point in time.
But then thats the only way to progress too.


Midnight -The beginning and the end.
Twilight - The beginning of the end.
Dawn - The beginning of the beginning.
Noon - The end of the beginning.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Messiah -- One who matters more than what he says!

Tied down

Confusing emotions abound,
in this life's merry-go-round
where I am and what I am now
how do I get around
this heaviness I tow?

Stone heart is no help
when sinking in one's own tears
tied down by inanity
suffocated by this insanity.

on the freeway to oblivion
my only companions, my fears,
festering wounds and mangled vision.
Why ,O why! does my steel cage rattle ?
How do I survive, this losing battle ?
How do I escape this ceaseless prattle ?
Truth and lies fuse as I hurtle,
Eyes wide as I feel so brittle.