Friday, January 21, 2005


Longing.. is like doing benchpress with the weight of your expectaions.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"The City by the bay" a.k.a "Last friday.."

I have been to San Francisco a gazillion times before, but last week was awfully exciting.

A, K and I decided to take off early ( well relatively early ) from work and hit the pubs. It was supposed to be a short couple of drinks , a little bit of fun and then off we go kind of evenings. "A" was the relative newcomer among us, and little did she know, our sessions are never ever an hour long. So after 3 glasses of vodka, we convinced A to party along with us and hit The city.
A lives in the city, and apparently has a life away from work. K and I on the other hand, live in the south bay and "life" is pretty much non-existent!
We reached SanFran by around 10:30, whereupon A freshened up a bit and then we decided to go pub hopping ( Our favorite kinda fun ). This being a friday night, most of the bars had some sort of dance floors and some good music going. But food first!!
I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of crowd that was present at the restaurants, some of them were open till 1 AM!. We went to a "Tapas" place and it was my first time at "Tapas" and the food was pretty good. Oh! We also finished among us a good cabernet from nearby Napa.
The weather was so SanFran, warm when everywhere else its cold and cold when everywhere else its warm. This night was relatively warm.
So after hopping into and out of a two or three bars and having cheap vodka that left a bad taste in the mouth , we decided to stretch out at a lounge and gargle with some "Goose&7", whence they kicked us out at around 2 AM.
We decided to walk about and get back to the car, when K had this brilliant idea of going dancing. Thats when the low and the high of the evening ( morning ? ) struck us! K sprained his ankle and was howling loud on the road , insisting on fucking everybody and everything in this world. It was hilarious to see the faces of the other night-hounds! Most people had a good laugh that set off K a little bit more!, while we were just clutching onto our stomachs and doubling up with guffaws!
The "high" occured shortly, when a good samaritan passing by asked us whether we wanted something to ease the pain that we were experiencing. A "why not" later, the samaritan, rolled one for us right right there!
Now, that is something I have only heard, the "helpful" nature of the cityzens! It was Zen after that allright!

We ended up at the "endup" , where we danced until 5:30 AM .. lounged around a bit and headed home .
Finally landing in bed at around 6 AM.
11 hours of non-stop fun!
You gotta love this City!!!!

Can't wait for this Friday ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2005


An eerie Echo, my own voice,
familiar thoughts, a random choice.
Things that were said, never meant,
words like embers, heart that was burnt.

Death to memories, Death to reason
Indifference , this morbid prison.
Estranged from passion,
morbidity an automatic reaction.

A smile, a sunshine of retribution
This new void, an emancipation
My wings unfurl, chains abandon
I fly free, in thoughtless wanton!


Echoes - are what you hear,not what you shout.