Monday, November 15, 2004


Wind… blowing thoughts away helter skelter
Unceasing, focused on life’s treasure
The fields of light, the microcosm you
Alight autumn leaves, smiles begin anew.

Millenium’s mobius, reflects mind’s chatter
Distorted images, perspectives clatter
Spring follows winter, doesn’t really matter.
Picking up the pieces, when dreams shatter.

Running? Where? Laughs the soul
Hidden, bursting, out of control.
The brutal cold clearing the haze
Epiphany, sweeping misty daze.

Water Lillies, mummies and armors,
A blaze of colors, the twilight shimmers,
In black zephyrs, the city disappears
Twinkling strangers, darkness spear.

New beginnings, no endings, middle of the story
Like a thousand years and a million miles,
Like a painting left deliberately unfinished,
A requiem, to struggles vanquished.