Friday, October 15, 2004


A million voices babble,
a chorus of dishevelled delirium,
My head explodes
Nightmares, ad nauseum.

Sangria, My sanguinity,
Restore infallibility,
disconnect sensitivity,
Erase captivity.

My heart, a raft..
Adrift, aimless ,distraught
strangled, barbed wire
tightening into bloody knots.

Sangria, My sanguinity
Restore Sanity,
disconnect levity
Erase Reality.


I hear,
An explosion, A shatter,
Ear drums rattle, mind dies -
A thousand times before,
One breath at a time
Numbed emotions, no despair.

I wait ,
My eyes on the horizon,
ever nearing, singed by the flaming ball
No tears, empty eyes.

I wake,
walk into the setting Sun,
Forgetting, confused.

Life affirms,
As I walk too far,
Singed again by
The setting sun,
I live.