Monday, October 04, 2004


Fighting myself,
My demons offer to assist,
Some sinister hand of mercy
Ignoring my pleas to desist
Fight! Warrior , Fight!
Tender hearts unsheathed,
Feel! Warrior, Feel!
Self-doubts on cold steel.

Seven Treasure chests,
Concentric, like an aging tree.
Crushed heart's safekeep
Lost forever.
But does the world weep ?
Fight! Warrior , Fight!
Shackles of destiny
Feel! Warrior, Feel!
Life's inert Appeal.

Sharp, screaming silence
Slices sanguine seas
Of Misty eyed mornings
and eternal sunshine dreams.
Fight not! Warrior, Fight not!
This inner Peace deluge.
Rest! Warrior, Rest!
In Hope's eternal Lap.