Saturday, September 11, 2004

Alone on a hill

Life is a circle, they say
No End, No beginning.
Earth is round they say,
Why am I alone on a Hill ?

Greener Pastures abound , they say
Do they really believe it ?
Life will sweep me off , they say
Do I wait alone on this hill ?

Be Hungry for life , they say
Smile and be happy , they say
Do they know what it takes,
To be alone on a hill ?

Heads nod , shake and walk away.
They see, but do they really say ?
Haplessly marooned, yet unswayed
Waiting Alone on a hill.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New York, New York

Moonlight showered on me
Dazzling Ebullience
The Sun pale for once
Under lunar influence.

Inebriated self-indulgence,
Uninhibited Dance
and Happiness in
Deep connivance

'Dreams - Clarity , raucuous confluence
Gentle autumn zephyr,
Mojitos and reverie;
Consumed by effervescence.

Sobering , Life's defiance
Defy heady Affluence
Skyscrapers and Neon signs compete
with the Moon's brilliance.

Dreams, Illusions energize
Minds in Convergence
Space in divergence,
Time in tranquil quiescence.