Friday, August 13, 2004

Stillwater Disturbed

Cool winds on fragrant trees,
Swaying sheaths of crops,

Footsteps of Angels tread softly.
Life seens an eternity ago
Disjointed,warped,unreal and unbridged.

I dive,
Into Cold green stillwater
Spirallling softly into
whirlpools of inactivity
Insipid and void it all seems
Life bequeaths fatality.

Horizontal rays of sun
Turned away
By Cold unflinching glare
The Moon decides to
Take me on instead.

No penetration, No marks
No space, between all the scars
Grizzled stone,I wait
For those Gusts of wind
To smoothen Hard reality

A touch from a loved one
Long, artistic fingers glide
Like a diamond
On my glass face

I shatter, My life's debris
Innumerable reflections of agony
Together, mirror to the soul
Countless Pieces now
I just see Annul.

Dazed and unkempt
A Rocky Harmony
Loud Cracks in the Stone
Effloresce my inner Sanctuary

Monday, August 09, 2004

Life is ..

Anjaneya! Lift me.
Govinda! I bow to thee
Knowledge! blind me!
Neelakanta! Drink it for me.

In Ebullient Ecstasy
A warmth envelopes me
Of memories of a recent past.
Of catalysis and catharsis
Of a beautiful ,yet hurt, heart
Of a Healing
Of an infinite feeling
I beat in sync with
This hopeful heart.

Written for an ecstatic Maha. I wish her all the best in Life.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I @ Singapore Posted by Hello

Old Narcissus

Placid Lake reflects
Countless wrinkles on my face
Countenance reflects
Calm placid Soul

Still water reflects
Eternal reality
I, Narcissus see,
unchanging Beauty

Lines on my face
Sun,Rain and life
I, Narcissus see
Etched wisdom's lines

Unchanging brutality
Time esconced
I, Narcissus see
Enchanting reality

Slipping, incoherent
Trains of Thought
I, Naricissus see
what age hath wrought

Sweet Hopeful smile,
Endless dreams astride
I, Narcissus see
From the lakebed.

P.S : Insipired by a Smiling Buddha :)